Complaint: I am a huge fan of the Ridgid Tools. I am going to have to say that their warranties on their tools SUCKS. I have registered every tool I have ever bought from them. They have lost my info not only once, but twice!!! and they will try to have you jump through hoops to prove you registered. I have at least 7 combo kits and I REGISTER THEM ALL. THEY HAVE TOLD ME THAT SOME OF MY TOOLS ARE NOT ON THE LIST AND THATS ********!!! They just told me the very first hammer gun I bought from them is not on their list.(BULLSHIT) I have 3 chargers that they said are not on the list also (********). It does happen and it has now happen to me twice. so I guess I must have been dreaming that the would do their part and cover their warrenties….. oh by the way I also have the RIDGID heated jacket, I am not a hater, just a really pissed off customer who has done what was asked of me only to have them RENIGUE ON THEIR END. Oh and by the way I just got Home Depot Rep to get me a new charger and the Ridgid rep today would not let ne renew my new charger becuase I didnt have the numbers off of the old one. because Ridgid told the Home Depot rep to recycle it !!! (and they were sending me a new one) so I can’t even get those numbers to get the new warranity. so I guess Ridgid can is saying the Home Depot rep is a liar too… It looks to me like they will bo anything the can to get you to give up on your warranties so they dont have to honor them. I would think most companies try to keeep their customers, they seem to be trying to push theirs towards Dewalt !!!!

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