RIF Los Angeles is a "sneaker retailer," supposedly based out of Los Angeles. I purchased a pair of Air Jordan IV Retro Cement shoes from this business. Since they are in high demand and very hard to secure a pair, they cost $340 from this retailer. He stated on his website, which had legitimate, positive reviews on Google, that the shoes I was purchasing were 100% real (see www.rif.la for details) and were the 2016 Air Jordan IV Retro Cement shoes. I received them, and everything looked in order. I hadn’t broken them out to wear them yet because I wanted to wait until the weather was warmer, as they were intended to be my "spring/summer shoes." I wore them for about a week sparingly and this weekend, I took the laces out to clean the shoes thoroughly. That is when I started to realize very not so subtle differences in the two shoes that were the pair of shoes I purchased. Not only was the back gray part on the heel two shades of gray and the dots more predominant in the right shoe than the left, but there are other differences, as well, such as the netting on the tongue of the shoes where it meets the toe. Long story short, I truly believe one of the shoes (the right) is fake and perhaps the left one is real. Perhaps they are both fakes. I am not entirely sure. But I do know that I got ripped off because they are clearly not identical like true, authentic Air Jordans are. I have contacted the business and let them know that I am not happy with the sale and that I want my money back. I have yet to hear back from them. But one thing I do want to make sure is that this business does not rip anyone else off. If you are considering making a purchase from RIF Los Angeles, I would seriously advise against it. They do not conduct good business. What they did is highly unethical, and needless to say, I am very unhappy with the product I received, especially since I paid $340 for them, which is $120 higher than the retail value. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS BUSINESS.