I have worked with Katie Garrisoon,Katie Culotta for many years she is an absoulute fraud and liar. She is also the most disgusting person and mother. As Emd/Emt we have a code of ethics/code of conduct we are to follow. | As a emd she follows none she spends her evening on her phone,when there are multiple calls she does not jump in and help,when people call 911 they should get the best help we can provide.Katie could care less if there is someone on the phone whose loved one is dying. Riggs is aware of this and many more issues including her drug use and drinking problem! | There is no doubt she has taken calls under the influence, Riggs was advised by another employee who had first hand knowledge and proof of her drug use and they did nothing put tell that employee to not share the information with anyone. She brags to co-workers about the things she is doing to an ex even has a folder at work on this person. | She admits to hurting her children to get her goal accomplished. She thinks we believe her but its real easy to go online and see the truth,she is a joke and is to stupid to realize people laugh at her not with her. If you live in Merced County or just a concern citizen contact Riggs Ambulance and ask why a person like that is allowed to serve the public.


  • Name: Riggs Ambulance Service, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Merced
  • Address: 100 Riggs Ave
  • Phone: 1 209-725-7000
  • Website: www.riggsambulance.com/