These idiots hired none other than Joseph Horton, disgraced owner of Around the Clock Locksmiths to promote their shady company on You Tube. If you have any questions as to the integrity of Mr. Horton, just search this very website for everything you need to know. When I tried to contact the owner of this sketchy company Stephen Powers – I was hung up on. I guess Mr. Powers and Joe are old friends and and I should just “butt out”” of his personal and professional affairs. nWell Mr. Powers

I will NOT “”butt out”” – You have a CRIMINAL who rips off little old ladies and who has a $400

000 fine against him by the Maryland Attorney General for GRAND THEFT and FRAUD! Don’t try to play the

“”It was a long time ago and he has learned his lesson”” gag

Horton was CONVICTED this past WEEK! nA warning to anyone thinking of doing business with Right Look