the company BEARING STOCK S.R.L. and THE PARTNER COMPANY WORLD BERIANGS S.R.L THESE 2 CompaniesPIRATES ARE, QUOTED PRICES AND AFTER VERY CHEAP NOT SEND ANYTHINGDO NOT send any payment tHESE ARE THE COMPOANY INFO: BEARING STOCK S.R.L. Vat Number: RO31004550 Trade Registry number: J4/1292/12.12.2012 Adress: Str. Valea Poienii, Nr. 17, Or. Comanesti, Jud. Bacau, ROMANIA Cod postal: 605200 Tel: +40 762 566 330World Bearings SRL at Number: RO31974557HEAD OFFICE STR. MIHAIL KOGALNICEANU No 14BRASOVDO NOT MAKE ANY BUSSINEESS WITH THIS COMPANYES

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