My Laptop is all screwed up with stuff don’t want and they get in my system at will


My Complaint: Had problems with computer backing up. Found them – looked legit -when they called the caller id said MS Service or to the affect. They took over my system went through all files added software I don’t know what it does. Now while on computer they just pop up at will – sometimes they initiate a chat saying they need to update something or check something.=other times i get a pop up that says another user has joined you and your network – I don’t have a network – just my computer and printer. (Wireless internet) I paid the first time $70 then they put McAfee on for “free for 5 years” but it shut down a week later – i called they needed another payment of the now $249 so I gave them $80 and Mcafee was ok. Then 2 weeks later all kinds of freeze ups = contl – alt – del and safe restarts an mcafee gone – guess who pops up – that’s right – they said that I have a virus they need to check and needed payment – dummy me i paid the ballance now i do have Mcafee but alot of other crazy stuff. and every once in a while someone logs into my system I know they are there. The minute I go to reduce screen to see if anything pop up – puff there gone and my system is locked up. Just google RISEZONE pages of scams and people ripped off


My Demand: I want my money back so I can go to Best Buys Service and for them to pay for any damage they did or fix anything they messed up.