I went to the rite aid in steubenville ohio to purchase m&ms, toothpaste and a toothbrush. When you first walk in the m&ms are on display with a sign saying 2 for $5.00. as long as it was between 9.9 and 12.6 ounces. The ad in the paper does not say what kind of m&ms(loose or indiviual packets) and neither does the store display. I then went to get the toothpaste and toothbrush. The deal was buy 3 for 3.00 plus get a 2.00 up reward. The toothpaste was marked correctly. The toothbrush that was on sale was oral b. only one row of toothbrushes had the sale ticket on it. I grabbed one and went to counter. When it came to the m&ms, i was told it was coming up 3.99 each. I told them its right in front of you on display and says 2 for 5.00. the cashier(who was extremely patient and nice) called over the manager. She tells me that they are 3.99 a bag and the ones that are on sale are at the other end of the store (with no sale tag)! I said forget it, and i told her dont you think that should be taken down, its deceptive. she of course did not take it down. I get home and look on my receipt and it shows a 3.00dollar up reward, but i should of only got 2.00. well i found out why. They charged me 3.00 for the toothbrush instead of 1.00. apparently those were marked with sale price but werent the ones on sale. This is absolutly ridiculous. im thinking about filing a claim, anyone else have problems at this rite aid?

138 n.5th ave steubenville, Ohio United States of America


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