Complaint: Sunday, 8/5/12, while sitting on my patio my neighbor came home with a 5 piece patio set. Table and 4 chairs. She was very excited as she had just been to Rite Aid Pharmacy on the corner of S. Redwood and 4500 and purchased the set for $49 as it was a clearance item. Later in the day I decided to ride up to see if there were any of these sets remaining. Upon arrival I found 1 set still in the box and 1 set on display. Taped to the window above the box was a 50% off sign. Taped to the side of the table was a 50% off tag. Taped to the top of the table was a yellow price tag that read $99.99. No other price tags were associated with this particular set, others around it had tags reading “regular price”” $xx.xx. I went to the register and told the lady I would like to puchase the set and asked if there would be anyone that could help me load the box in my truck. At first she tried to tell me there wasn’t a set in the box so I had to physically point it out to her. She then commented they had a furniture cart she was sure we could get it and proceeded to pull the tag off the box to ring up the purchase. Now where I graduated from school $99.99 less 50% does not equal $74 and some change. When I pointed this out I was told the 50% off was from $149 which the furniture rang up. I argued the only price that was on the set was the $99.99. She then called the manager. The manager then proceeded to argue

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Address: telling me that I was looking at the wrong set


Phone: then telling me the price tag was an outdated sale tag (which was clearly marked as good through 8/18/12) and she threw the tag in the garbage. Then she told me I could have it for the sale price of $106!!! This is a clear case of not standing by their advertised/marked pricing and it not fair to consumers. I plan on contacting the store manager today but thought reporting this was worth while. I do understand that there are more important reports but when a store gets away with this type of stuff it is wrong. Thank You”