Complaint: After purchasing a Honda Accord from River Oaks Honda we(April lowe?Bobby Marsh) returned six months later to have our six disc cd player taken in to have some cd’s removed that were stuck; it took them five months to replace the cd player, they then sent our original player out to have the cd’s removed,six months later they call us in to receive our cd’s. When we get there there are only three cd’s out of six and those three are cracked and now they tell us that the other three are permanently lost and they don’t know how they’re gonna compensate us; they offered not even a I’m sorry, or we’re working on it. For pete’s sake it’s going on a year. Thanks Honda for destroying my joy, Music. Bobby Hammond Indiana

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Address: 1951 River Oaks Dr. Calumet City, IL. U.S.A.


Phone: (708)808-0100