In 2012 I lived in an apartment complex that I believe wrongfully evicted me. In May, my boyfriend and I went to jail for fighting. In the event of the fight we broke a door that was already hanging off the hindges and got bleach all over the carpet. I’d put a work order in place earlier that week for the door. We stayed in jail a few hours and was released the next morning. The following day the landlord had placed a bolt on the door for non payment of a smoke detector not being on the wall, $90. We’d paid this same bill twice already. She issued a notice to vacate but placed it on the inside of the apartment she claimed. The bolt was on the door and we couldn’t get in! They evicted us. In addition to losing everything inside of our apartment, they placed a $6000 balance on our credit!


  • Name: Riverside Park Apartments
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Nacogdoches
  • Address: 315 Ellington St
  • Phone: 1-936-564-0900
  • Website: