Complaint: I submitted my 30 days on June 19th 2013 to end my lease on 19 July 2013 (Although I was responsible for the entire month of July and the rent was infact paid on the 1st of the month for the full month). My new landlord provided me a 1 month free rent for July so I moved out the property on the 1st week of July. The Riverstone property manager called me that 1st week and told me they found a tenant to lease the place on the 1st of August and I was promised by the leasing manager that I would receive 1 week credit since they would be able to clean the place earlier since I was not living in the place. During the conversation she only mentioned that u201cI was responsible to bring back the unit back to its new conditionu201d What the hell does that mean? I lived there, how can it ever go back to new condition? I was wondering why she kept saying this over and over! That next week I turned in the keys on the 12th and scheduled a final inspection for the 19th which was my last dayu2026..After looking over the place during the inspection she gave me a verbal confirmation that everything looks good and stated that I would be responsible for either a light cleaning that range from $100-$150 or a medium cleaning from $150- $250. 4 days later I received an itemize bill with 3 different charges: A general cleaning fee $150, paint fee for $250 and a $250 carpet cleaning fee for a whopping total of $700. Keep in mind my deposit was $1000. What a Rip off, They never gave me an itemize list of what I could have performed myself to avoid deductions…What happened to common sense and good faith? I should not be charged for small nicks and minor marks. General cleaning, painting a few nicks on the wall and cleaning a carpet for an apartment with only the bedroom that have carpet(No major stains) should not be $700. Especially since I had almost a full month to do the cleaning myself. RIPOFF

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