Hey, So this “A&R” named Rizz Reed with his own production company called ‘Rizz Reed Productions’ he works with producer ‘Rojas on the beat’ twitter they are @Rojasonthebeat and @teamrizzread. So rizz said he has been watching my career since im an artist and he wanted to represent me. He said he was a Free Mason and could hurt people meaning me so i should let him take care of me. I like any artist wanted tl advance in my career because im dedicated. He told me he and his friend Shorty Mack,Rojas on the beat, Rozay (Rick ross), Drake would get me on a song. He hit up all thease people on my profile. When i didnt like his tweets and wasnt seeing the fruits of his tweets and claims, i asked to be broken free of rizz reed productions. (I have screen shots of our convos and recorded tapes of all he said) he aparently didnt like it and changed my twitter password and changed everything about my profile. I reported it to twitter but they dont care! So yeah, watch out for Rizz Reed, Rojas on the beat, etc. They are scam artists, Rojas probably doesnt even know rizz is up to this but since i am working with Universal Music im going to blast this everywhere until twitter of Rizz gives my account back with over 600k fans! .

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