Complaint: In August 2003, my husband and I drove to RK CHEV-BUICK-GEO-SUBARU because we saw the 2001 TAHOE we liked. So as usual once we started admiring the automobile a saleswoman came out trying to get us to fill out an application. Well we explained to her that there were some issues on his credit that we were disputing with the bureau and we didn’t want to get his credit pulled at that time. But we really wanted that SUV so we decided to let them pull it anyway to see what kind of deal we could work out, but we would go get something to eat and come back but they insisted that we take that vehicle. After working in car sales myself, my husband let me negotiate the deal. We were really firm about that being the only car we wanted on that lot, the amount of money, we were going to put down and the payment, so the saleswoman had to have the manager deal with us directly. So after about 7 hours negotiating a deal and finalizing paperwork, we drove off with our new car. Well about 4 days later one of the loan processors called and said that they needed to see us about a DMV issue. Well we called DMV and there was no issue so we advised them we couldn’t return until the end of the week. 7 days later upon arrival they ignored us for about two hours before they even attempted speak to us about the deal. And what did they do, try to do sell us another car. We knew the deal that they worked for us was not making them any money. In other words they wrote a check they couldn’t cash just to get us to buy a car off of their lot. So they wanted to change to the deal from a 2000 down payment to 8000 or buy something different off the lot. After explaining to them it was either that car or nothing, they took the tags off our new vehicle so we couldn’t leave (unlawful imprisonment). We called the VA BCH police and they said they couldn’t take sides because it was a civil dispute. After speaking with us, they went inside to speak with the manager while the entire salesman stood outside the window to keep the officers from seeing that they had someone come and put a butte on the new car. When the officers came out they said they couldn’t do anything because they didn’t see it, but they did realize that the butte wasn’t on before they went inside. Well RK’s guy decided to put another butte on the truck in front of the police while the officer advised him that he couldn’t. (THANK GOD FOR CAMERA PHONES, SHOULD HAVE HAD A VIDEO RECORDER). When he refused the officer had to snatch it from him. While the officers were leaving he attempted to put it on again, so we called them back to the lot a second time (mind you they have our trade in). So this time the manager comes out and tells the police that we didn’t get financed all this time never telling us. (Violation of the consumer protection act). So the VABCH police advised us that we should get our trade- in because they said they would tow it and get our down payment, because we made such a scene with the police being there. So while the salesmen were laughing along with the manager, we had to transfer our things from the new car to the old car, with our two children, in the rain. The next day we called the customer service representative to explain what had happened but she couldn’t care less. Mind you she is whom BBB would go through if you file a complaint. File your complaints with the DEPT OF MOTOR VEHICLE BOARD so they can do an investigation. A dealership has 48 to advise to that you have not been financed. Please be advised that RK is on the bad list for the military and has been for years; so let your peers know. My husband is an E-6. We have been in this area for 8 yrs, and we didn’t know it because it looks like a professional dealership, don’t be fooled. I’ve come to find out that RK CHEV has been doing bad business around here for years. So we are going to see how Virginia really upholds their laws for violations of the CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT. Maybe enough of us aren’t complaining with the DMV BOARD to have their license revoked. UPDATES TO COME! Octavia NORFOLK, VirginiaU.S.A. sorry, allowing you to give a competitors name would instigate others to just file against their competition, to only come back later to suggest their company your comments on this policy are welcome! CLICK here to see why Ripoff Scams, as a matter of policy, deleted either a phone number, link or e-mail address from this Report. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Chevy Dealers and Products

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