Complaint: After answering an inquiry in a personal email, you are interviewed by phone. This is to determine whether you are serious about investing in your own on line business. This salesman flatters you and then assures you that there are only so many people that fit their criteria. He told me, I think You are perfect. That night, I was sold a complete affiliate package for $495. It included a hosted website,24 hr support,and guaranteed access to business credit. Then a couple of days later that same rep calls me back and lets me know that in fact, I am welcome to buy into this business for $12,000.+. Assured by Michael, that now I am ready to get started, I once again ask him to explain how my personal debt will be paid off in 30 days. I had just gotten out of a bad business deal and paid off all my credit cards. I was looking to build back up my credit score. It was explained in great detail, that once I buy in, I am now an official affiliate of their company(CMS), so business credit is guarateed to me under their umbrella. I can transfer all my personal debt to business credit cards. I was given too many personal names and titles and direct cell phone numbers,. Multiple emails for support and coaching. Next the business department rep called me. I said my first concern is to get this debt off my personal credit cards. That requires the purchase of the Business Services Package for $7800. That included 1. Entity set-up for me. 2. Corporate building coaching program. I had no choice. I had to save my investment so far. Its becoming obvious to me, that I am being buried in debt. My original rep, Michael is not answering my calls or texts anymore. My coordinator Matt, has not gotten in touch with me yet. None of the services or assurances I had purchased have been delivered. Besides having to learn how to build a website, and having 10 hours of homework after my 30 min weekly coaching session, I call several times every day, every number I have been given. I text, email, reach out to support emails, etc. I get no responses. Finally ,I see a rough template of a website for me, and the next week, its gone. My coach Matt, says, “oh well”” that company is retooling their software. We can skip today and hope it is back up by next week. I have the emails I sent

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Address: insisting I want out of this circus

Website: Robin from Dynamic Funding calls me. I am told all I need is to buy the negotiator program for $5000. and everything wil come together immediately. So I invest the $5000. It turns out that the negotiator program has nothing to do with coordinating everything. It is relating to products and drop shipping by Reigning Products. Then yet another associate lets me know that this website cannot be successful without the marketing program for $7995. Then of course I’m contacted by Gentax where I need to spend $2995. to get the corporate credit and entity. This is now five months later. Services sold to me are starting to overlap. I am drowning in personal debt. Despite my multiple demands for a total refund

Phone: and I want my money back now! Of course this is all timed perfectly so that I am now beyond the timeframe to get refunded. Then I insist that everyone needs to get on the same page. I need my corporate entity. It is three months overdue. I need my website up and running