Complaint: Bait and Switch, After at least 5 in person meetings, discussions, plans, pictures, lists and phone conversations with John Lambert, the builder, a quote was produced to build a barn. The quote was said to be higher than necessary to allow for mistakes. When we asked for a contract, we were told that in this small town, contracts were not used. We agreed to pay cost plus For the projected costs. unfortunately, even though there were no changes or additions, the first 30% of the barn took us over budget. We were told that we should then sign a contract then to finish the job. After asking for a re-evaluation before we proceeded,we were advised that the bid was less than half the projected cost to finish. Before we fired him, we asked to get a projection and a not to exceed cost to dry the barn in. We signed a not to exceed contract to finish the exterior. Lies and Deception When work was delayed and there was no sign of the builder, we were told his father was on his death bed in the hospital and JL was by his side. We later found out that he was with his girlfriend When he turned the supervision of the process over to his foreman, the new foreman had no idea what we wanted. When we asked for the pictures plans and lists, we were told that they were misplaced By John Lambert. Cutting Corners Through the drying in stage, under a not to exceed contract, after paying monthly and on time, we were asked to pay weekly in cashiers checks. Although we asked for footers, we caught them trying to build just A slab on the ground. Although we asked for rebar in the cement, we found out later it was not used. When we had asked for concrete block around the entire structure, and in between stalls, we discovered too late, that it was not done. the concrete slab cracked and split throughout the entire 88 ft length of the structure Within weeks. Then, the concrete heaved and left raised parts in the floor. in many of these and other cases the subs came to us because they felt bad about the fact that they were asked not to comply with what we expected. there were so many lies and misrepresentations that we could not recommend John Lambert to build anything.

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