This might be a bit lengthy, but I feel the need to include all the details. | I responded to an ad looking for promotional models on the internet for various NE based events. When the individual contacted me back initially via email he seemed professional and we agreed to discuss things via phone. | The individual is Robert L Hawkins who is based in Pittsburgh. | After speaking with him via phone he mentioned that he needed me down in Pittsburgh ASAP yet made no mention of providing a) airline ticket b) train ticket or any sort of offer of transport. I was to – essentially – get myself there with zero mention of reimbursement. He went on in a chaotic manner about wanting me to come down for a promotional event he threw each Friday for exectives from Showtime HBO, major studios etc (sounded really odd that such a media even would ever be thrown on a weekly basis in Pittsburgh, especially with all those same exectives who don’t even reside in the area, in attendance every week). | He stressed that he would take me shopping etc etc and provide me with “my own t shirts to sell at the event” – HUH!? No idea why I would need to sell t shirts with my own photo on them at a promotional event – I’m not a celebrity and not trying to be one. | So it all started to sound bizarre – I asked the man to clarify his name and company. He did – and I did a quick reverse number check and saw that his phone number came back to a Metro PCS line – no offense to Metro but I don’t know one single exectuive with such “high power’ connections who would ever rely on them for phone service. I dug a little further and found the facebook page of this individual – complete with complaints by another person who he had essentially tried to scam. With his wife or girlfriend responding – when looking a little further into both of their pages it seems they’re living in a run down apartment, sleeping on a matress on the floor, doesn’t look like an up and up situation and certainly doesn’t assure you that he is a wealthy, successful businessman who can pay you $2000 per promotional event. No succesful businessman capable of hiring models for $2000 a promotional event would ever leave his family living in squalor like this. | Bottom line – I dodged a bullet, as I did a little more research I found the notifications on various business scam websites – and found some awful information about girls who had been lured down to Pittsburgh and basically toted around and – all while believing they were going down there for promotional work. | When I declined doing any work for this man – he spat back at me via text in a very erractic manner – “ITS NOT ME” “I AM A WEALTHY MAN I DON’T NEED TO DO S* LIKE THAT” “THAT S* AIN’T ME” … clearly showing his true colors via text and lacking the professionalism he claimed to have. | Don’t be lured in – this man is well documented across the internet as a scammer and someone who puts young women looking for work in very dangerous situations. I guarantee if you ask him for a plane ticket or anything else to substantiate he is on the up and up he cannot provide it and will give every excuse in the book why he shouldn’t have to “prove” himself.


  • Name: RLH Holdings, Inc
  • Country: United States
  • State: Pennsylvania
  • City: Pittsburgh
  • Address: 155 N Craig St
  • Phone: 412-513-1130
  • Website: