Placed an order for $25.98 total (includes S&H, used a check to pay in full (thank goodness). I say thank goodness because had I used a credit card, I’m sure Roamans would have just billed me extra on that, with no notice or explanation. Anyway, I received the merchandise. Subsequently received an invoice for an additional $4.00. Luckily I still had my orginal order paperwork. Checked my addition and made sure I had entered the correct merchandise code and price. With this information, I called Roamans only to be told that “the price was $29.98

not $25.98″” and no

they could not be more explicit. nI requested return information and will send the merchandise back before I pay them one more cent. Intend to complain to the U.S. Post Office

as this fraud

to the BBB and am currently researching what regulatory agency is over catalog sales. I just have to wonder how many other people they are overbilling. I suspect it may be a significant number. nKarennSan Diego