Complaint: Outrageous rip off…..Unprofessional….Everybody BE AWARE just awful experience.I was contacted by Rob Sims for “modeling””. He presented himself as a “”The most published photographer in the world””-which was itself outrageous. Then he went for about an hour saying that he is a celebrity photographer-I patiently listened to all his bullshit

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Address: untill- he started verbally insulting me. He said he owns a MAV TV. Basically he wanted me to drive for 2 hrs to his location

Website: 000- she sent me a payment link to register to shoot for MAV TV with the “”world’s most famous photographer”” and whether I will show up or not- my money will be non-refundable. Can you imagine that???? That woman Jessica also wrote me lots of super rude and insulting emails while demanding money for MAV TV. Get this-these people were scouting models for their own TV production and models would have to pay for it? I googled Rob Sims and checked his background- everything is a lie

Phone: and when I asked about modeling release and will I be getting paid (because it’s my time and my gas money I had to invest into this)- then he got verbally abusive. Rip-off artists and scammers very often use this move- they would intimidate you and insult you and your self -esteem and then they would tell you