Robert and his Wife Kamyshia failed to purchase a property in which they signed an agreement that their binder fee of $5000 would only be credited at time of them closing on the said property. They hired an attorney friend to file civil suit against the management company to reclaim their non refundable deposit. Their attorney is a friend of theirs and works the system to hopefully get the defendant to finally give in and pay them to go away. When Robert Dimich attorney failed in the county court he filed another motion to have the case heard in a higher court. He then decided to have a court reporter present asking the defendant the same questions over and over again for over 2 hours hoping for the defendant would get tied of being harrassed and settle. Robert Dimich has very little knowledge of real estate law, but knows how to play the court system has he continues dragging this into yet another court with a jury trial. A JUDY TRIAL OVER A CIVIL MATTER that has already been dismissed twice in the county and state court. Robert’s attorney is trying to sue the management company Vash Investment who doesn’t even own the property. A Frivolous law suit is unjust and Defendant should be reembused for this false accusation. Robert Dimich and his wife Kamyshia has gone as far as posting fraudulant claims against Vash Investment group and Jim Sakalis who handled the transaction. BEWARE NOT TO DO ANY BUSINESS WITH ROBERT & kAMSHIA DIMICH. They have an attorney that will work the court system to try and get you to pay them money after they default on a purchase and sales contract. When they don’t get their way they will slander you and your company name as well as anyone else without any proof. Anyone wanting to challenge my claim on here I am more than happy to provide all the legal documents including signatures of Robert Dimich default on the signed document that clearly states NON-REFUNDABLE for any reason. Attachment is from Robert Dimich lender letting Vash Investment know Robert is looking at other properties to purchase and exercising is option not to go through with the purchase of the property in which he will loss his deposit. I also have a copy of Robert confirming that he understands that he will lose his deposit.

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