I met my ex husband online 10 years ago. We fell inlove and he moved here in 2005. He refused to get US cit and work. I worked and supported us. It was hard for him as I did not make much money. We ended up having 3 kids and he was not happy he said. I tried to do what I could but could not buy him what he wanted. During the pregnancy with my 3 yr old he was meeting up with women and I caught him. He begged me to not leave and that we would work it out. He still refused to work or help. During this time he was getting sex online on Craigslist and gaming sites. He met Karen and supposedly fell in love. Karen knew he was married with several children but did not care. He was telling women I stole his sperm and stuff online and goodness knows what lies he told her as I found out he had been lying to me for years. On August 29, 2014 he had Karen come get him and drive him to her house at 14 Jefferson Court, Rome NY. My children’s father is now living with her on her dime. He has not spoken to his children (my 3 and his older 3) during this time. I got a divorce and warn any woman dealing with him. He is charming, lies and says what you want to hear. He has 6 kids he has all abandoned that I know of.