Druid Tree Service, Inc. received an initial email on 1/27/2018 from a Robert Micheal asking if Druid offers tree removal services. He also asked if we accept credit cards and if so to text him asap. He did not leave a phone number to do so on the initial email or an address of the house. I responded to Robert that yes, Druid does remove trees but Druid does not accept credit cards. After that, Micheal wrote another email requesting we check out his yard and give him a removal estimate for all of his trees in his yard. He still did not give an address. After a third email from myself to Robert asking for his address and phone number, he finally gave me his address 217 37th Av. North, 37209. However, he did not give me a full phone number. On my fourth email to Robert asking for his phone number, I received it. After calling this number, 929-314-0958, which went to a google subscriber voicemail, no one called me back. So, I had Cabot Cameron, the consulting arborist at Druid, go take a look at this property to get a take down estimate. No one was home and the house was for sale. There was a fence blocking the backyard view and a beware of dog sign posted. After speculation, I called the real estate agent on the for sale sign, I confirmed that in fact a Robert Micheal does not even own this house. A man named John owns this house and she has never even heard of a Micheal Robert before.