Robert d. Murray, of the law firm taft & mcsally of cranston, rhode island, represents and employs keith croft, principal at hugh b. Bain middle school in cranston, ri and head football coach at bishop hendricken high school in warwick rhode island, while a student at bishop hendricken high school in warwick, rhode island, would openly talk about want to have sex with his 3 sisters and would laugh that “if it were not for ‘buddy’His father earl “buddy” croft”, he would try. While it is debatable as to whether he ever did have sex with his own sisters, he did end up marrying a girl with the same name as one of his sisters. Draw your own conclusions. | One of the instances where keith croft stated that he would try to have sex with his sisters if it were not for “buddy”, was during a road trip during a high school tournament in a hotel room where he then ran around the room dancing on 2 occasions naked swinging his falace. He then abruptly hopped into the same bed with good friend and fellow hendricken coach, david exter. Incidentally, during this trip, david exter, stated that he would dump his girlfriend, now wife, if he ever became a cop. Whether keith croft was high, intoxicated, or just displaying the extra chromosome he has, is irrelevant. Keith croft And david exter) is someone with some serious mental health issues. | Anyway, this is not an individual who should be in a position to oversee, or even work with, children or young adults. I know i would not want my kids around him. Unfortunately, keith croft has been put in positions as a coach at bishop hendricken, and as a gym teacher, teacher, assistant principal, and now principal at a public middle school Hugh b. Bain middle school) with the cranston school department and as a girls track coach at cranston west high school, to oversee, work with, and be in a position of power, over kids and young adults. | Keith croft knows the things he said and did in his younger years and as such, once he realized that these things could come back to haunt him as an adult, he sought to discredit individuals who knew. Thus, he began to file false police reports and claim people where crazy or slander the mental health of anyone who knew this information that he was not able to wrangle in to keep his or her mouth shut about the things keith croft And david exter) does. | Obviously, this is a disturbed individual who may have some disease of the mind that prevents him from understanding what a grave concern action such as these would be to parents and the community. It makes one wonder just how far he actually did get in school himself and that he wasn’t just pushed through and did not earn any of the diplomas or degrees he believed he completed of accomplished. Those things were just given to him through family ties and connections.He is just creepy. People like this should just keep to themselves and shut up. But instead… | To claim someone is mentally ill in a police report, never mind falsifying crimes in a police report, when you have no training in any medical or mental health field and know for a fact the individual is not mentally ill but that you are just trying to get out of, or stay out of, trouble is not only derogatory and defamatory and a crime, it is also desperate. Then to use cops you know, prosecutors you know, and judges and court clinicians you know to carry it out, tells you all you need to know about this sham. | Attorney robert d. Murray, involved in the ownership of elite football school, contributed to falsified police reports for keith croft and david exter with the full knowledge that he was implicating an innocent individual because of the crimes committed by his clients and the connections he had in rhode island that he thought doing so would put him in an adventageous position with those individuals both socially and financially. Murray has used connections at the cranston police department the providence police department, 6th district court in providence, and various health and mental health facilities to set up individuals who he wants removed or who potentially could casue trouble for things either he himself, cranston, or rhode island have decided would be a certain way, and that individual would change. | Hopefully, parents and citizens will come to their senses with regard to keith croft, david exter and robert d. Murray and petition for the removal of these individuals from their positions and standing in the community. The revocation of their licensing would be an appropriate and just start…But not an end.


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