Complaint: So Robert got to www. social security and medicare site and read up on the law about electronic SSA deposit protection. Then retract your stupid you think you know it all comment about my online banking episode. The site sent me forward to the password page you stated it was probaly suppose to send me BACK. It sent me forward to password page as in give us your password we got you know Then if you are losing so much sleep over how many accounts I had here’s the break down. 1 member share 2 savings3 checking 4 moneymarket 5 joint checking 6 visa partner 1 member share 2 savings3checking 4 money market 5 joint checking 6 visa Oh my god that totals out to be 12 now get the f over it. Next, was running Credit unions malware software on my home PC. Finaly are you my Identity theif? hmmmm

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