Complaint: I would like to inform you of a case going on in Polk County. A child was voluntarily given to the paternal grandparents by the mother & father as a temporary primary residential custody. The grandparents just told the mother on March 2, 2013 that her son was going to be going to Orlando, FL to a mental / behavioral center. The mother has had contact the whole time since last judgment in 2008. The grandparents have told facilities & even Polk County School Board that they have primary custody & have showed them all a falsified document saying they have primary custody. The mother finally caught onto it & has released a world of hurt. They grandparents sent her 2 different judgments that the mother didnt catch at first (mainly due to being so upset with how they have been doing her). The attorney for the grandparents apparently sends 2 judgments to the judge (Now dead). One must have said temporary custody & the other primary. Why do I say this???? Because the mother just found out that the first page says primary but the last page says temporary. The mother called the facility her son is in in Orlando, FL (University Behavioral Center in Orlando, FL) & they still have not called the mother back even though she sent the center the proof that the grandparents falsified the documents. Other big named facilities that the grandparents gave these falsified documents are Polk County School Board (whom which the grandmother works for in Finance), Peace River, all nearby hospitals & Drs offices). What makes it better is not only is their attorney helping the grandparents falsify documents but they allowed a Dear friend that is a judge proceed on this case. He is the one who made the first few judgments on the custody case. I will say the judge that is Dear friends with the grandparents is Judge Carpanini. The attorney is Robert Van Hart from Lakeland, Fl. If you want any more information from the case the case number is DR-2000-5598. Feel free to see all the documents as well as the loads & loads of documents the mother has recently filed. She has no attorney & is doing this all on her own. The mother is still trying to fight this. I being the mother have been trying to see my son at University Behavioral Center since he has been admitted on March 6, 2013 so I can try to see what they have admitted him for since the grandparents refuse to tell me. The grandparents told me I couldnt see him for 3 months. I am being told by the facility that is not true. I was told at first I was not able to see or know anything about him because they have the papers saying I have no rights or custody. I then find out the grandparents sent the facility the falsified papers. I was contacted by Brysons Dr at the facility. He informed me he did go over the papers & did not see where I could not know what is going on. He said he would put me on the list so I can see my son. On the other hand he also said I can only see my son when he talks to me & gradually allows me into my sons treatment. Yet his grandparents who lied about everything are able to see & make all the decisions. I have tried everything I can & have filed multiple complaints. I even filed paperwork with the Polk County Court house & I currently have a April 25, 2013 court date. That is if the grandparents dont change the court date. In the mean time I cannot see my son because the grandparents gave them falsified papers. And it is very evident they have told them falsified information about me. With what the Dr said I can totally tell they did. I can tell you more when I can have a phone call or face to face conversation.

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