Roberts Hard to Find Videos lists some very hard-to-find and interesting classic videos on the website; however, after my order was entered and my credit card charged ($44.88), I never received the videos. I emailed several times referencing my tracking number, but no response. nDO NOT ORDER from this ripoff artist, unless you enjoy being ripped off. The website is nicely designed, undoubtedly to give the appearnace of a legitimate business–don’t be fooled,as I and others have been, because you will never get your videos. nIf you fail to listen and do order, be sure to complain to the local Saskatoon Police at you realize you have been ripped off. nHappy to join any group that is considering action against Roberts Hard to Find Videos. I know that every one of us is ripped off for a relatively small amount and that Roberts Hard to Find Videos expects none of us to do anything, as it continues to ripoff others. nRaynPhoenix, Arizona

107 Tucker Crescent Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada


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