Robin A. Dittmann literally ruined my life. I lost an awesome job, went so far into debt helping him look good to the only one of his 5 kids he gave a fuck about, and had to go back to counseling bc of what he did to me, my credit plummeted bc I couldn’t pay my bills. I found out he was cheating on me with two other females while using my car to go see them. He was telling me he was going to work, and telling them it was his nieces car. He told me SO many lies that he believed himself. Tried reaching out to me to rekindle things and told me he’s kicking his gf (the girl in the picture he was cheating on me with) out. I told him it was never happening for us again. He still tries to hit me up on fb messenger but I ignore it. Beware if he claims he’s single, bc he never is. He will use you for every penny you have and when he’s done, he’ll look for something else to have before he moves on. Thank god I didn’t marry the trash or get pregnant!