Rob’s Rare and Giant Seeds is a seller on Ebay. Owner Robert Graves This seller sells bad and misleading seeds. When purchasing from Ebay you do not know who the seller is, they are protected by Ebay. Otherwise one could google and find out if the seller is good or not. But their name is concealed until you buy. I found mutiple complaints about this seller now that I know who he is. Plus if you purchase the “How to sell on EBAY”” book for a $1 on Ebay it teaches you how to obtain high rankings and testimonials feedbacks right from the start. Read the book. I am sure Ebay put it together. When I made the purchase Robert puts his information along with his webisite address so you can go and purchase more bogus seeds from him. His website does not have his name or address

there is no contact info. But he did make sure there is an order button. Now Ebay’s policy is that you have only 45 days to file a compliant. In a case like this 45 days is not enough time to know what you have purchased since it takes time to grow

that is if it grows. In my case the seller strung me along until the 45 days have past. At that point Ebay does not take your complaint. I ordered the same type of seeds in a different color from another company and I did notice that the seeds were different. Low and behold the seeds from Rob’s Rare Seeds did nothing where as the other company seeds are doing great. I contacted the seller Rob’s Rare seeds and was promised replacement seeds. I emailed them 3 times and twice was told I would get the seeds. Still waiting. But wait…just how would he produce that seed

it rare and its giant!!! And I guess the hat trick will not due since we are not talking about rabbits. Yes

a couple of dollars is not much