This is Rochelle Reynolds. She runs her own daycare business out of her home in Citrus Heights CA. I wouldn’t want my child watched by this homewrecker. Before my boyfriend of 4 1/2 years and I got together, he was messing around with this gutter trout. What he did before we became a couple I don’t judge him for. However, once we were together it was decided between both of us, that we would be a committed and faithful to one another couple. || About a year into the relationship, I find a text message session between the 2 of them talking about her coming over for a quickie while she’s out transporting the kids (really classy). Followed by the ‘come by next week for some more’ comments. This clearly indicated that something was still going on. After purchasing a hidden camera, I caught them red handed in the act, talk about disgusted. More talk of making it their standard Tuesday meet up. After confronting him with the evidence, there was no denying it. Through much anger and a wounded heart, I made the decision to forgive and work towards rebuilding trust in him again. He said he was stupid, it was a stupid decision and it won’t happen again. I know a lot of you think that was a dumb decision, but it was my choice. Yes, it did turn out to burn me in the end much later, which is why I’m here. || After the last several years of working on rebuilding the trust in our relationship, I decide to peruse his phone on a whim. What do I find? A text message from her clearing indicating she gave into him and can’t help herself. I know my so called man is a total cheater here, but where are her morals regarding the sanctity of someone else’s relationship. Yes, I did make the decision to forgive and move forward the first time, but I’ll be damned if it’s going to happen again. I am done with this man and am in the process of moving forward with my life. || Neither one of these people have a moral compass or sense of right and wrong. In honor of your home wrecking ways Rochelle, you’ve been outed!! I hope you burn……. And remember, I have video footage of you I’d be happy to share with your family if the opportunity ever presents itself!