Rock Solid funding or is a fraud and ripoff of credit information. They are miss leading from website to unprofessional customer service agents. I was refered to them from a ca based trailer co but was advised to go with my own copany. Against their advise I did so on there website reading fine print and felt confident I was credit worthy. Once they ran it they said they need co signer with a house or car for 2yr all for 5k. I asked why they said becuase thats what the underwriters need. I then explained thats important information before customers give out info leading to there credit score demise. Rock soil exlplained it would only go down 1-5 points. I said unacceptiable and why wasnt it on the website before I or anyone would fill out app? I was explained that they will take that into consideration to have the website updated with that info. So I then get the cosigner and like good old fashion was denied for things not even on my report. A great waite of time, and score.

Waco, Texaco USA


Financial Services