Complaint: I am located in Victoria. I needed a new building for my RV and 4 x 4. When I was doing my research I ran accross an arch style Steel Building from Rocket Steel or Centuria Steel Corp or Aztec Steel. I was dealing through a dealer in Ontario. After giving them a deposit of $2,100 and recieving my so called engineered drawings I found out that we could not construct the building at my home. We have a small revine in the backyard and it was a conservation issue. When I asked Rocket Steel for my deposit back they laughed. “Deposits are non refundable”” The sales rep was not so helpful after he had my money. Since I’ve been doing so much research on the company.I see hundreds of sites recommending them but all of those sites are controlled by Rocket. Their internet presence is enormous. They have 1600 links back to their websites reported. Such a huge internet presence but no real Customers that I can find. Looking at the contract closer

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Address: you deal with Rocket Steel Buildings

Website: they report he is no longer working there. If I was purchasing a building again I would have never buy from Rocket or an american company. There is nothing I can do and they know it. If your Canadian buy Canadian!”

Phone: but the contract is actually with Centuria Steel Corp. The contract fine print was impossible to read. They have no records with the BBB. I discovered from another site that Rocket Steel was incorporated only last year. Their office is located in Philadelphia but the Pennsylvania Dept of State reported they have no address of record on file from them. A Lawyer name of David W. Engstrom filed their trademarks