RocketIAQ Scam artist New York Internet!!. This company overly inflated their own reviews to become somehting they are not. They make promises they do not keep and commitments to delivery that never happen. Another one of those compnaies trying to compete with AMAZON, when they have no customer service skills to speak of. Just a little context for my part. I am a professional contractor for electrical services as well as a building contractor. I have been using online retailers for over 10 years with great success and many wonderful experiences and relationships with a variety of online retailers. So I do speak with some what of an educated back ground on this matter. I have written this company 5 times via email, they do not answer their phones, to many times to count. I have never received any response other than automated about how fast the reply will be, 48 hours or less. They promptly charged my credit card for the merchandise with no further contact. Purchase

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