RocknRarely promoting RocknRose on MyFreeCams Luba RocknRose Fraud/Propaganda and disrespect!!. MFC IS MY FAVORITE ADULT SITE BUT THEY NEED TO HIRE SOME NEW EMPLOYEES !!! This is what mfc has become as the “norm” To Those “few” gullible men and camgirls out there that believe in everything they read and see on the internet should keep this in mind. Anyone can say and put out what they want and how they want customers to see it. Anyone can create an illusion of someone to make them look good even when they are not. Most people see through it but there are those few that actually beiieve it.. mostly those who are fellow camgirls. So dont get discouraged if you try to compare yourself… its not real. I had to out this greedy room and speak the truth after a few years of following because Im tired of seeing them lie and deceive creating a complete superficial image and claiming credit for others creations. Some other models are too but I am

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