Booked photobooth online for a wedding reception. Spoke to them by phone, organized the details several months in advance. | Here’s their website: | | 702-518-4579 | The week before, contacted them to get their proof of insurance. They sent a document, but our wedding planner said he called the insurance company that supposedly issued the COI (after the wedding) and they have no record of this company. He sent the insurance company the document as well, and they confirmed that it is fraudulent. | But the day of, they never showed. We called, texted, nothing. | The following Monday, we emailed. They were initially non apologetic but later offered a refund. | But they never actually processed. They always claimed they were in process for over two months. | They never returned our phone calls and have never answered in months. | Finally we did a chargeback with the credit card and got the money back.