Complaint: *** WARNING *** IMPERSONATING AGENT FRAUD Claims Litigation MR. ROCKY L GARNER FRAUD WARNING G.P.S. (832) 444-2686 u2022 Email Address: [email protected] Ripoff Scams WARNING FRAUDULENT BUSINESS PRACTICE u2013 INCOPETANCE u2013 CLIENT HARRASMENT * NO LICENSE Rockey Garner – Is the absolute worst character from the swamps. He prays on victims after wide area disaster an claims to assist them in recovery cost. Let me tell you his SCAM. He inflates the insurance estimate by doubling the exact same scope and adding in bullsh* items. Then drags out the claim to only charge the client more billing hours while he does this. When confronted about inflating the estimate his response was oversight that cost us months an excessive billing from him and 3rd parties.. His agenda was to charge for travel an luxury expenses to the customers. We found out that he paid “un educated Expertsu201d to fraudulently support his scope of work. He has absolute NO ADJUSTERS LICENSE >> NO CONSTRUCTION EXPERINCE & EXPECTED TO BE PAID FOR HIS WASTED EFFORST >>> huge billing that was DENIED . When we refused to pay >> DURRING APPRASIAL >> he then DEMANDED 10% & THREATENED TO DESTROY APPRASIAL BY PRODUCING A SMALLER NUMBER THAN THE CARRIERE & AN TOLD US THERE WAS NOTHING WE COULD DO ABOUT IT !! Purposely tried to submarine the insurance claim By defrauding the client and everyone involved because he wanted more money. He is a disgusting overweight pig that is unethical and belligerent with a toxic character. DO NOT LET THIS MAN NEAR YOUR DEAL. ***** FRAUDSTER ALERT **** SEE ABOVE”

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Address: Houston, Texas United States