This Bank is managed by a group of incompetent, rude and fraudster people. The President Mr. Tom Havens has no clue how to make decisions and run a so called community bank, I would say he thinks to be God when in fact he is a crook. | The Branch Manager Alexandra Ponce is a pathological liar, scammer and mistreat people by doing whatever it takes to keep her job and kiss the butt of Mr. Havens. | The tellers are a group of zombies taking forever to perform a small task. | The bank does not have a legal department but uses a gold digger lawyer Lindsay Ressler (Ressler Law). She makes the most stupid advice on behalf of the bank, she is cheap but by dragging any matter without a reason she makes big money scamming the bank’s client. Many complaints have been filed against the bank and soon will be under serious investigation by the federal authorities. | Before is too late close your account and go to a different bank! | This is my honest advice.


  • Name: Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust
  • Country: United States
  • State: Colorado
  • City: Florence
  • Address: 101 E Main St., PO Box 579
  • Phone: (719) 784-6316
  • Website: