Im very upset seeing such a small amount of money being reported and refuse to pay interest on an account unknown to Rocky Mountain Cancer Center $171 looks like a fraudlent charge since Medicade and Medicare are supposed to have paid the bill | where is the justice ? looks like crime pays and cancer will eat you up with cells and unknown collection services Budget Control never contacted me about this insane problem that ruins my nearly perfect credit….. i always pay on time and never late | looks like CANCER has eaten up their Brain Cells and they go for the wallet | Someone needs to stop Catholic Hospitals from over charging everyone to cover petafile popes sexual activities


  • Name: Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers
  • Country: United States
  • State: Colorado
  • City: Aurora
  • Address: 5405, 1700 S Potomac St,
  • Phone: 1 303-418-7600
  • Website: