When RMRM was first taking off in 2004, the owner asked me if I was interested in cleaning all his rental units. We agreed on my compensation for my labor and things were off to a good start. But after only 2 months things got a bit weird. He would e-mail me the units that needed cleaning and when they needed to be done by. I would take care of it but then he’d call me reaming me out saying that I skipped some that needed to be done. I would re-check his e-mails and the units he was reaming me over were never on his list. He became more and more impossible to work for as time went on so during the last few weeks of December, I told him I was no longer going to work for him. I respectfully gave him his last bill and he wouldn’t pay it! Instead he gave me a bill of “missing”” sheets and linens and mini bars of soap. SOAP! Just so he wouldn’t feel the need to pay me. I even gave him permission to check my car and my own home to prove I didn’t steal his precious paper towels and tiny shampoo bottles. I just found out during that time that I was pregnant and really could’ve used that last paycheck. But Jeff didn’t feel he owed it to me. I met the lady he hired on right after me as I had to give her all my keys to the units. I just told her best of luck and went on my way. Two months later she contacted me and asked if I wanted to be a witness in her case because she had in mind to sue Jeff for HER unpaid wages. Please people

for your own protection

DO NOT do business of any kind with this man or his company. For those who already have and had a horrible experience

I am sorry you had to deal with that. There are plenty of other good