I purchased a white deer hide and received a almond colored deer hide with holes all through it and black dye smeared on both sides of the hide. The quality and thickness of the hide was uneven, it smelled funny and it wasn’t worth my hard earned money, i tried contacting the business and ask them to make good on my purchase, I left 8 messages to which they never responded and they never answer the phone. Don’t buy anything from these rip off artists. Businesses are supposed to have pride in there products and these people cannot claim pride or quality or professionalism on any level don’t do business with them. Tell anyone who is a crafter not to buy their leather products from this so called business, cause I have had businesses throughout my life and I would never let something like what they sent me even be seen amongst even irregular products the hide I received was only suitable for the trash, and definitely not to be sold to a potential repeat customer or even a one time buyer investigate every company before you buy and especially if your not receiving the item at time of purchase THANK YOU GOD FOR this website. shame on you Rocky mountain tanners.

Colorado USA


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