When I checked in I noticed the hotel lobby had gone downhill. I had stayed at this hotel 10 years ago. I was traveling with my wife and pet. This hotel accepts pets for a fee. nWe had driven 11 hours and wanted a bed so we checked in. As we walked down the hallway we noticed a stench. We saw what looked like mold on a wall. This place was not in good shape at all! nI took my luggage to the room and set it down. My wife pointed to the bathroom. Water was standing in the floor. The mirrors were messed. The bed was ruffled but had been made. The front of the A/C was off on the floor.nMy wife wouldn’t let my dog sit down because the carpet was so dirty. nWe turned around and I went to the front office to tell them I would not be staying and needed a credit to my credit card. The girl was untrained and didn’t know what to do. She called the manager “MIKE””. He was not on property. Whether he’s the owner or manager makes no difference. He told her she could not credit me even though I had been on property only 10-15 minutes. nHe offered another room but after smelling the hallway and seeing the state of the hotel

I said no

I would go down the street. nAfter arguing about it with MIKE I told the girl at the front desk to just give me my invoice so I could call my credit card company. She said she had been instructed to NOT give it to me. I told her to call “”MIKE”” again. She did so. nWhile I was arguing with MIKE a young man came in and overheard our phone call. He looked at me and told the girl at the desk

“”I’m not sure I should stay here””! I told him he was NUTS if he stayed here. “”MIKE”” became irrate with me and told me to stop running guests off and he would “”get off my fat a** and come down there””! (Meaning to the hotel) I invited him. nI hung up and called the credit card company to let them know what happened and cancel the transaction. I never got my receipt and so far Mike has not returned my money.nThis guy is a ripoff artist. nIf you go to TripAdvisor.com you’ll find he has tons of horror stories about RODEWAY INN HOMEWOOD ALABAMA. OH! I’m in the condo rental business. I see good and bad reviews on many sites. I can spot a bogus review a mile away. Please notice most of the positive ones posted there. They have a similar ring to them. This is typically because the owner

manager or someone connected with the hotel is writing their own positive reviews to offset the horror reviews. nThis place needs to be condemned and MIKE needs some lessons in hospitality. You’ve been warned. If you stay at the Rodeway Inn Home Wood