Complaint: Roger Epperson, REAL or Signed Sealed Delivered is the place to go if you want to buy fake autographs, have fake autographs authenticated and not be able to return them when you discover they are fake. I have bought 3 items from this company and all three were fake. Take a look at his Michael Jackson, Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney’s and Rickie Nelson’s to name just a few. I tried to return the items I bought and he just laughed at me. Now I have done my homework on the web and have discovered a site called Autograph News Live which is one of the many that expose him for what he is. There is one example of an item that was proven to be signed when the people were dead. This dealer took an album signed by Cliff Burton and authenticated it. But Cliff died 22 years before the album came out. He attacks all the good people in the industry with fake stories and made up stuff to try to fool the public. Many believe he himself is a forger but of only so-so talent. Just search “Roger Epperson Fake”” or Roger Epperson or REAL forgery or Roger Epperson scam or Roger Epperson liar and see what comes up if you don’t believe me. Buy from reputable dealers who are members of organizations and who use or are experts instead of forgery authenticators and you will save yourself from being scammed by Roger Epperson

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