Roger Spencer of ‘Spencer Real Estate Services’ (Radon Specialist NRSB2SS0015, NACHI Member NACHI09083006) was commissioned to perform a home inspection. He arrived with his son, rushed around the property, and left. He did not check the roof from the outside, did not check the gutters, and did not check the crawl space of the property. In short, he did a terrible job. I have requested the written report from Roger Spencer for said property for over two weeks, which he has failed to provide. He has stated that he would provide the report ASAP (four days ago), however also stated that he was upset at my using a different home inspector (due to his incompetence). I’ve been waiting two weeks for the home inspection report, and clearly he does not intend to provide one. He charged me $350, and didn’t provide a service. Stay away from Roger Spencer at all costs, he ripped me off, and he will likely rip you off.

PO Box 7061 Fredericksburg, Virginia United States of America


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