I bought new iphone 3Gs from rogers 4 months ago in 3 years contract, what i discover the phone the iphone was broken wher you can insert the sim card, i remumber right when the guy at the store sold me the iphone he try to put the sim card and he couldnt do it so he run upstairs to apple store for half hour and when he came down i ask him what happen and way you keep me waiting he saya i just update your iphone its ok know so i took it and after that friend of mine he give me blackbery as a gift so i wanna switchthe sim card because i dont know how i took it to apple and they told me your iphone is broken where you can put the sim card, i went to the store and i spoke to same guy and hr admitt it put his poss says i dont know you and go complaint, i spoke to rogers and they offer to fix the iphone and they need 20 business days to do that and they will give me regular phone to use i said no i need to check my email because i use the iphone for my business and i will loss money i wa

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