I ordered a swimsuit, a strapless bra, and shorts and the beginning of the summer. When they came in, the bra fit but not the swimsuit or the shorts. They have a no return policy on swimwear and underwear(understandable) so I simply gave my little sister the swimsuit. I literally had no shorts for the summer so I sent the shorts back (which in and of itself was a huge hassle) and they didn’t have a size up so I just decided to get my money refunded and find different shorts. I spent $8.96 + shipping (it’s not much but it’s something for a broke girl like me) and they would only return ¢.97 to me. When I emailed and asked about it I was ignored for months. I’m certain they done this to multiple people and even if they are scamming people out of $8 a piece, it still adds up and their pockets are full of dirty money.