Worst experience in 10 years. Purchased laminate flooring from the Eglinton Ave store 3weeks ago. Each box cost me $44 including tax. $660 for 15 boxes. Rona is known to take back their product even after so many months to give a store credit, if no receipt. To my bad luck one of the store at Argentia road is closing down and they were selling the same flooring for less than 50 %. No clue to me. Change of plans to go hardwood flooring instead of laminate flooring. Took the laminate flooring to the eglinton store for an exchange. Here is the absolute scam; The lady at the counter was willing to exchange each box at $8.00 instead of $44. She said this is the new return policy because one of our store is closing down with anrude voice. This is half the price of the lowest price they had at the argentia road. Closing one of the store is not my problem. This is day light robbery from their customers. I had always shopped at Rona knowing its a Canadian company.nAfter this experience bye bye Rona, Hello Home depot. Lessons Learnt, Never lose your receipt.

2933 Eglinton Ave W, Mississauga, ON L5M 6J3 Mississauga, Ontario United States of America


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