9 months ago I went to Doc Moon to do my implants crowns and abutments. Its been 9 months now he took 6000$ and he never got done with my work cause he got froz his assets and if I am not wrong his clinic is close but that I am not sure. I am unable to eat hard food or chew , I am so sensitive I have to eat pain killers every single day. I cant drink cold or hot food. I can eat room temperature cause he make my gum so sensitive . I am so mad at him that I am going to sew him . My life is miserable cause of his unfinish work on me. He shave my both teeth without telling me. He put an implant where I did not even ask him to do it. He is dirty his clinic is dirty , his staff change every time I go there. I want people to help me if they went thru what I went true . I am sufering every minute I cant sleep cause of the pain in my mouth. I want him to suffer the way I am suffering since 9 months.


  • Name: Ronald J Moon DDS Pc
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Houston
  • Address: 3100 Timmins Lane
  • Phone: 713-777-6453
  • Website: