It is always difficult to be 100% covered against any eventualities. That is why I think is good to be prepared before you have a problem.That been said, if you buy an expensive piece of Furniture you want to be covered against any accidents. Now, if you consider buying from Rooms to Go do not even try to pay the extra buck for “Leather Protection Warranty””

why? A total rip off. In my particular case I had a small stain (2 inches long by half an inch wide) caused by some perfume gel that my daughter spelled over my gorgeous Cindy Crawford Reclining Leather Sofa. I’ve called the numbers handy for this event and scheduled an appointment with the tech. The lady gets home rubs a cleaner over the spot. takes a few pictures of it and asks me for the way out. I was like shocked considering she would not talk to me after such a long drive from Raleigh to Chapel Hill. When I asked her what was next she only said before closing the door….””a Customer Service Agent”” will be in touch with you. No one ever called

after a few days of long wait I decided to call myself.The person who took care of me stated that because of the kind of stain there was nothing they could do. I ask her what you mean by “”kind of stain””. She replies it was caused by some perfume therefore the Protection Plan does not cover you. As simple as that I’ve lost $100 plus of dollars in what I thought it was some piece of mind for the future and it ended up to been a Major Scam. I would not recommend anyone to buy from Rooms to Go unless you love to see your money Go anywhere else but in your rooms. Sincerely

Erich Leyva”

Nationwide USA