I bought a sectional and did the no interest promo because it was such a great deal. If I could do it over, I would pay interest to another company so I wouldn’t have to deal with Rooms To Go. nAbout a week after buying the sectional, one of the corner seams came apart. I called customer service and they scheduled someone to come fix it. The only day they had available was a Saturday and something came up so I had to call back and cancel. I was never informed of a warranty time frame I had to comply with. nShortly after canceling the original appointment, my Mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. I spent the next three months living with her so I could take care of her. The seam on my couch was the last thing on my mind. nMy Mother passed and in trying to handle that, all the arrangements and the extreme grieving process I was still not thinking about my couch. Apparently the couch should’ve been a priority. nWhen I called customer service to schedule someone to fix the seam I was told that they have a six month warranty. It had been seven months since I bought the sectional so they would not fix it. I told them I understood the warranty time but the seam didn’t come apart after the warranty ended. It was in the system that it happened a week after purchasing it, so they should fix it. When I mentioned they had poor customer service, I was told “We’re not in the customer service business.”” No

they’re in the screwing people over business. nI talked to several supervisors

to no avail. After reading the company reviews I discovered I was not alone. Everyone has been displeased their customer service for various reasons. When I asked one of the supervisors if they were aware of all the bad reviews

he said that he doesn’t read the reviews. Really? Wouldn’t it be smart for a supervisor to see what people think about the company they work for? nIt’s not like I’m asking for a lot. I only want the seam on my couch fixed that should’ve been done a long time ago.”

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