Roomster is a scam


My Complaint: I’m looking for a room or apartment on Craigslist an it directs u to this roomster site an u can log in with ur social media account so i push it an fine whatever I get some leads now today 12/7/17a day later it tells me I’m deleted because my information is not real first of all its not their business an I didn’t ask for u it direct me to this nonsense I don’t know these people so I’m suppose to make an account with all my real information on it now all my personal information is floating around I don’t think so when people contact me then I tell them who I am I can’t contact roomster cause they trying to prevent getting cursed out how dare u roomster do not deal with this nonsense an they have all these different names gogle ,an another I can’t remember three different names who’s the one shady


My Demand: Notifying people of this scam