We had funiture delivered on 1-04-02. Three men came to my house. The driver could not lift and of the other two only one spoke some english. They messed up three walls and the ceiling. nThe trim on the door jam and the railing was also messed up. Our house is new and the driver asked if I thought the builder would fix what they messed up. I went into the store the next day and they said they would fix it. Today is 1-25-02 and have yet to have it anything done. nI have called almost every day. The one time I did talk to the store manager(the only one I have been told can help) he was rude. The first thing he said was that someone would be out to look at it. nNot hi, how are you doing or I sorry about all this. I find it very rude that he is not worried about what his people did to our house. nChuck Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on The RoomStore

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