Again, these individuals were sent here via our Home Insurance Policy to take a look at a stopped up sink and check out a potential leak with our water heater. The sink was fixed and low-and-behold we needed a new water heater, the home insurance would cover the piece of equipment BUT NOT the code violations we had violated. Those totaled $700! In addition to the $1000 they were going to stick it to your insurance company. He said all of these codes were in violation of our area and we had to bring them up to code. I have a PhD (this would come back to haunt him) but it’s not in plumbing so not that I am that naive but I trusted him for the moment and scheduled an appt. for the next week. We decided in the interim to get a second opinion of course for that amount from a plumber friend and even check on these code violations with our city commissioner. Come to find out none of these codes were required in our area! Fraud, Take 1. When we decided to call him out on it, he got almost violent..”how dare they license me and then tell me how to do my job!”” etc.

well our plumber friend said these codes are not required and decided to come give a second opinion. All the while this guy is getting nervous…of course he is committing fraud and with the intent to be a thief. nUltimately our water heater needed a $8 part

no part of it was rusted or ready to burst as he said!!! He was not only going to pocket our money

the insurance money but also have a water heater that was perfectly functioning. We are proceeding with the BBB and the licensing bureau to see what we can do to give him a bit more heat. nHe messed with the wrong family! Some days consumers do win! Today was that day. Beware they operate in Alabama and Georgia. The guy that did this was part-owner. Too bad my husband wasn’t home at the time

my sweetie is 6’5